Progressing Backwards Through Forward History


Potpourri style show today.

Secular historians keep trying to write Christianity out of history.  Problem is Christians themselves are deficient in the history of their own church.  Paul Zahl is author of “2000 Years of Amazing Grace,” and is the first guest today.

Senator Hillary Clinton says she’s a “progressive” and not a liberal.  Strange, but “progressive” meant “Marxist” for much of the 20th Century.  So, brace yourself for another chapter in the “foibles of progressivism,”  focusing on the illogical contradictions upon which progressives have built their entire worldview.  Kfir Alfia, co-author of “A Field Guide to Left-Wing Whackos and What to do about Them” sparks an interesting conversation.

Finally we’ll deal with geopolitical developments, which seem to be off the U.S. radar.  Shoshanna Bryer from JINSA ( joins us.

John’s boralogue reviews a series of worldview and religious issues emergent over the last couple of weeks.


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