The Mexican Mafia


There’s an old saying that the truth will always have out, but what happens when the powers that be won’t let the truth out?  Congress has been waging war on free speech and it’s time to examine where this is all heading.  Joseph Farah, founder of Worldnetdaily ( joins us for the first part of the program.

Between interviews we’ll sandwich an update on the incredible crisis that has gripped the world’s financial markets.

While a growing number of violent crimes by illegals has fueled the immigration debate, there’s an important adjunct to this that few have examined: it’s the Mexican mafia called the “Eme” or “la familia.”   Tony Rafael, author of “The Mexican Mafia,” cracks open this subject for the first time on SOS with an in-depth look at the transformation of cities in the U.S.

John’s boralogue explains why public/private partnerships represent a threat to freedom and how they are a main component of the SPP. It seems the best President Bush could do in Canada this week was call those opposed to the SPP as conspiracy theorists.  Of course, we have to ask him why all the work is being done in secret, even away from even the eyes of congress?


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