Sabotage in the CIA


Labor day Weekend already.  Where did summer go?

Presidents come and presidents go but government bureaucracy remains forever.  What happens when a bureaucracy attempts to thwart the administration it’s supposed to support?  Rowan Scarborough is author of the book, “Sabotage,” and he joins us to detail how various cadres in the CIA work against the current administration’s actions around the world, not to mention Israel.

Next comes your chance to be a fly on the wall during an information conversation.  What began as an off-the-record conversation between Dr. Dennis Cuddy and John regarding the future of geopolitics grew to include Harold Hoffman and Avi Lipkin. The interaction became so interesting, we thought we’d let you hear some of it.

John’s boralogue updates the ongoing liquidity crisis around the globe, and since school is starting again, it’s time to review exactly what it is the National Education Association (NEA) stands for;  and it certainly isn’t things we believe in.  At the end of the show, John contrasts the rights Muslims demand in the United State vs. what they grant to Christians in Islamic countries abroad.


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