Restarting a Non-Existent Peace Process


Even as President Bush’s attempts to restart a non-existent peace process, the geopolitical orientation of most countries in the Middle East is rapidly changing but it’s not certain how things will shake out.

France 2 television’s growing scandal over the apparently fraudulent “news” clips of a Palestinian boy supposedly being killed by Israeli Defense Force soldiers in 2000 has yet to hit the American media, even though they ran the doctored clips over and over again.  This clip did tremendous damage to Israel’s image worldwide.  Dr. Richard Landes ( is professor of history at Boston University and has seen some of the raw footage.

Then another historian joins us as Dr. Steve Carol ( returns to SOS to examine the Bush administration’s attempts to re-start a non-existent peace process and what this means for Israel’s security.

John’s boralogue examines the inherent anti-religious bigotry present in claims that the twin towers were destroyed because of religion.  In reality, “tolerant” atheistic free-thinkers are just as closed-minded and bigoted in their beliefs as members of any other religion.  They just won’t recognize it.


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