Bless Me Father, You have Sinned


This month marks the commencement of our 18th year on the air. Seems we made it on a wing and a prayer and it also seems we scored a record number of topics covered on one show today.

There are wars and rumors of wars and “incidents” in the Middle East but no pinpoints where and when.  Stranger yet, most of the world has remained strangely silent about Israel’s secret raid on Syria.  Who, what, when, where, why?  Dr. Joe Duarte ( and Avi Lipkin ( join us.

Congress’s efforts to disarm American veterans has cause a big row. It goes a lot further than people realized.  The government is drawing up elaborate lists of  people who will not be permitted to own weapons.  Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America ( is next up on the show.

Finally, we return to the thread begun two weeks ago revolving around sexual issues in the church.  It’s about 15 years since Malachi Martin accurately predicted the pedophilia scandal that would eventually wash over Catholicism.  There has been unending media coverage of lawsuits but little of survivors and the church’s actions.  There seems to be more interest in covering assets than in doing what it has told the faithful to do for years:  confess. Tony Lembo tells the story in his book, “The Hopeville Fire Department.”

John’s boralogue features a clip of former Mexican President Vicente Fox admitting he and President Bush were aiming for a unified currency for Mexico and the U.S.  John ties this to the 60- year intellectual discussion of global currency unification.


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