Sharia Banking


We’re taking a few weeks off for the holidays so our programs will be pre-recorded and focused on themes rather than “chasing” news stories.

There’s a new term emerging in global banking, called “Sharia banking,” meaning banking conducted according to Islamic law, included not charging interest for loans and requiring payments be made to Islamic charity.  Now western banks are jumping into Sharia banking with relish, raising serious questions about security issues.  Pat Wood from the August Review ( is the first guest on the show.

When Lyndon Johnson began the great society, the country was promised that poverty would be eliminated.  But it would seem the great liberal vision failed to materialize.  David Tubbs authored “Freedoms Orphans, Contemporary Liberalism and the Fate of America’s Children.”

Joseph Farah founded the internet newspaper, Worldnetdaily, starting a revolution in how news was being reported and distributed.  For the last part of the program we air segments of his recent talk at the Koinonia Institute Conference in November of 2007.

John’s boralogue analyzes the forces that have driven radical changes in western culture for the last 50 years.


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