Toward a Global Currency


Even as the politicos quietly promote plans for a common currency for North America, the elites are already discussing the ultimate merger of regional currencies into one global currency. Carl Teichrib ( has been following the unification move.

As we said previously on the program about global warming, it was merge or die. The global warming people are waking up to the fact that peak oil may be their star for curbing fossil fuel usage. So now presidential candidates on both sides are singing from the same hymnbook: fighting global warming is good for the economy, because we’ll invest in all these alternatives. Gee, just a few weeks back it was “darn the economy” because it’s ruining the planet. Hmmm.

That’s all well and good if we can hold current energy levels but we have a serious energy crunch coming. We air clips from presidential candidates as well as a round table discussion by experts on the oil situation to illustrate this point.

John’s boralogue examines media bias in CNN’s conduct of the presidential debates this week as well as an Economist article that talks about the superhighway international corridor from Mexico to Canada through the U.S. that U.S. politicians are denying exist.

This is another one of those “Ooops!” moments.


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