The Republican Revolution is Dead


It seems the U.S. is screaming for change this election. Populism is in and the public wants government to do something about their economic pain. But wasn’t it government and the Fed that caused the economic pain in the first place? And we were supposed to have change in 1994, weren’t we? So what happened?

What came in with a bang went out with a fizzle as the promise of change died. Scot Faulkner was the first chief administrative office of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is author of “Naked Emperors: the Failure of the Republican Revolution.” Since everyone is clamoring for change, we’d better examine the last attempt at change. (

The country seems to be sliding towards socialized medicine, which is already failing in other countries. There are other options but that would require politicians to get out of the way. People can’t afford healthcare insurance, so one proposal is to mandate it. But if you can’t afford it when it’s optional, how can you afford it when it’s mandatory? James Lansberry joins us from Samaritan Ministries ( as part of the show’s ongoing examination of American healthcare.


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