The New Age Morphing


Time to clear the decks for a conference call today. We haven’t done one in a long time so it’s overdue.

Almost thirty years ago Detroit attorney, Constance Cumbey, published a book entitled, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, warning of a major paradigm shift transforming politics and religion, moving us to a global blend of politics and pantheism, socialism with Christianity.

Many shrugged it off as a passing fad. Today the New Age has not only persisted and flourished, but is embraced by churches from Catholic to Pentecostal. How did so many people — especially pastors — miss the warning?

Our participants today are attorney Constance Cumbey (, Warren Smith, author of The Light the was Dark, Sarah Leslie (, plus Mitch and Machelle Wright.

John’s boralogue frames the entire hour and a half conversation.


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