The New Scientific Religious Myths


Happy Fourth of July weekend. Busy show today.

How deeply did Marxism penetrate the anti-war movement of the 1960s? This movement had a constant undercurrent of Marxist philosophy promoted by radicals against the Democratic Party. So how then did that same undercurrent transform the Democratic Party from traditional liberalism into progressive thought? David Horowitz from FrontPage Magazine ( guests for the first part of the show.

In various states legislators are concerned about the federal government’s encroachment into areas that are the purvey of state governments and they’re beginning to set limits. State Representative Charles Key of Oklahoma comes on board to discuss an initiative passing through that state’s legislature.

In the arguments between science and religion, we are told that science represents reason and religion represents feeling or belief. But science has been busy engendering an entirely new series of religious narratives of its own, and the line between them is blurring once again. Professor James Herrick, author of “Scientific Mythologies: How Science and Science Fiction Forge New Religious Beliefs,” is the final guest on the program today.

John’s boralogue compares the American and French revolutions, pointing out that the American Revolution was not strictly the product of secular enlightenment thinking but rather had an equal component in the Protestant Reformation and the religious beliefs of the American people.


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