The New Great Game


OK, I know we said we were taking time off but you’ve emailed us for commentary about the latest global conflict. So, here it is.

What’s all the fuss about Russia and Georgia? It’s oil! Georgia is a strategic fulcrum for oil flow to the west and the latest war has Vladimir Putin’s fingerprints all over it.

First we reach into the SOS program archive grab bag for an interview with Lutz Klevemann in 2004 about his book, “The New Great Game, Blood and Oil in Central Asia.” ( Lutz’s predictions are haunting now.

Then we follow with an interview featuring Richard Maybury, ( publisher of the “Early Warning Report,” which accurately predicted in the early 1990s that Central Asia was the world’s upcoming hot spot, aptly naming the region “Chaostan.”

Last week an Idaho man reported to prison for managing a wetland which is almost never wet. This latest in a series of stupid prosecutions taking place around the country will sizzle your cookies when you hear what happened. Bryan Seltzer of the Idaho Values Alliance guests. (

We skip the boralogue. Aw, come on! You can’t have everything when I’m supposed to be on vacation!


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