The Progress of Progressives


What a Show! So much going on this week it’s hard to cram it all into one show. So we won’t try. Gee, that was easy.

Progressive philosophy emerged during this election as a long- standing major influence in hard left politics. But many progressives won’t admit their philosophy is rooted squarely in Marxist ideology even as it masquerades as something related to freedom and democracy. John executes the longest boralogue in the show’s history examining progressive philosophy.

Then we interview Win McCormick, author of “You Don’t Know Me,” a book detailing the sexual immorality promulgated by the conservative right. We found it interesting that the book’s foundation is based on a study by Theodor Adorno, a member of the Frankfurt School which promoted progressive Marxist philosophy in America since the 1930s. It does seem to be everywhere.

After that, the downing of Korean Air KAL007 25 years is revisited from a few weeks ago as Dr. Dennis Cuddy, author of “The Globalists,” trying to figure out why the congressional investigation into survivors was mysteriously cut off.

At show’s end, John does a quick update on the week’s events, Russian plans to use treasury bills as a weapon, and finally complies with listener requests to reveal what he thinks about Governor Palin as a vice presidential candidate.


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