It’s Worse than We Thought


Different kind of show today. Must bail faster; must bail faster. But the bailouts aren’t working as an atmosphere of fear and confidence failure envelopes the global markets.

The perfect financial storm has hit harder and more rapidly than we anticipated. John takes the first two segments of the program for a boralogue and audio clips on the current status of things.

In segment three we’ll hear from Congressman Ron Paul. Even 24 months ago, the other Republican presidential candidates considered him a pariah but has been proven correct in his decades-long message about the need for monetary reform.

As we enter this major paradigm shift, John provides some pointers on surviving in a time when things are in chaos and change.

Finally in the last part of the program we shift to a conversation with Carol Jose, (, who authored a book on POWs entitled, “You are Not Forgotten: A Family’s Quest for Truth.”

If you’ve got issues from the current crisis you’d like us to address, we would like to hear from you by email.


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