The Nanotechnological Transhuman Cyborg


Boy now that’s a show title!

The new emergent scientific religion of transhumanism seeks to use nanotechnology to design super humans and super soldiers of the future: part human, part machine. Something doesn’t seem quite right here. Dr. Martin Erdmann, ( senior scientist at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland discusses the ethical implications for Christians.

Then we’ll review the life of a forgotten founding father, Luther Martin and his predictions about inherent defects contained in our constitution. A lot of them seem applicable to our current crisis. It seems every effort to construct Utopia on earth arrives with built-in seeds of self-destruction. Bill Kaufmann is author of “Forgotten Founder, Drunken Prophet.”

John’s boralogue airs clips of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inaugural address of March, 1933, and compares the president’s promises then with what politicians are saying today. As you might have guessed, nothing’s changed and nothing’s solved.


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