When Supermajority and Superstorm Collide


Ten days remain in silly season. Whew! Only 1,473 days to go until the presidential election of 2012. That neatly coincides with the economic and energy superstorm crisis window.

So what happens if the U.S. elects a Democratic super-majority and that collides with the perfect financial storm, which collides with the perfect energy storm? We’ll try to sketch that out with Dr. Merrill Matthews (www.ipi.org) from the Institute for Policy Innovation.

How about a resurgence of the fairness doctrine? It’s already being discussed. Barbara Comstock is a First Amendment consultant to the National Association of Broadcasters and we look at how it might be implemented on broadcast radio and on the internet.

Finally we’ll have a candid conversation with Jiovanne del Cristo (www.lwym.org), who produces a podcast for bilingual youth.


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