The Whirlwind Whirls the World


Falling economic dominoes are changing the face of geopolitics in ways no one anticipated. John enumerates a list of these changes on the international scene and then invites Peter Zeihan from Stratfor Intelligence ( for a close look at the significance of these in Russia and Mexico.

Hyper-focusing on single issues seems to be the norm today, even though it’s an interaction of multiple issues that changes the world. People and politicians are obsessed with the economic crisis, which they didn’t see coming, and ignoring the rising energy crisis, which they don’t see coming and which will whip the perfect financial storm even deeper. Zapata George is an oil geologist and fund manager who tells us why they’re all missing the most important change of the 21st Century.

John reads a letter for his boralogue, written by a small business owner in the south that employs about 80 people. The owner relates how tax policy and regulation are destroying small business in this country.


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