The Trouble with Easements


Environmental easements are all the rage as environmentalists are urging ranchers and farmers to jump in. However, ranchers in Colorado are discovering the whole process is now backfiring. Kimmi Lewis joins us from the plains of southeastern Colorado.

Amy Watson follows from the Independent Women’s Forum ( with her pet project targeting the assault on free speech in America’s schools.

Next is the resumption of a thread begun on the show about nano- technology a few weeks back. Dr. Yuval Levin, Ph.D., is the former Executive Director of the President’s Council on bio-ethics and his book is, “Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy.”

As President-elect Obama promises to put things right economically, John’s boralogue portrays a brief history of the actions of previous administrations which set us on the path to a disastrous economy. Believe it or not it starts with the Vietnam War.


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