The Global Geopolitical Tour


If we said, “Busy show today,” you’d say, “Yeah, so what else is new?” So we won’t say it, even if it’s so.

Today’s program launches an extended two-segment boralogue on the global geopolitical situation, placing emphasis on the Middle East and Mexico.

Then if you like freedom, we hope you’re not an atheist. The new atheists fervently evangelize their cause that western freedom is a product of secularist ideas and that religion is a threat to it. But Rabbi David Novack, professor of Jewish studies at the University of Toronto, challenges that premise. His book “In Defense of Religious Liberty,” says the evidence clearly shows otherwise.

As Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu becomes Israel’s next prime minister, we’ll hear from Avi Lipkin in Jerusalem on the mindset of Israelis toward any kind of a peace process at this stage in history. Avi is author of the book, “Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?”

Finally, Rick Santelli from CNBC television made the top of The Drudge Report this week with his declaration of the need for another “tea party” by the American people. The polls back him up: both Wall Street and Main Street are voting thumbs down on the new pork stimulus package. John runs the Santelli clip and then explains why in a depression the rules are different from a recession, and why ongoing bailout and stimulus packages will continue to fail, pitching us into Stage 2 of the perfect financial storm. We wish it weren’t so, but it is.


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