Plumbing the Depths


Happy spring in the northern hemisphere. Happy fall in the southern hemisphere.

People seem to be confused about efforts to restart the economy. Much of government’s action seems contradictory or self-defeating. The show boots with an analysis of three levels at which government now functions in the midst of the economic maelstrom.

Level three leads us into first guest John Bolton, former Ambassador to the United Nations during the Bush administration, who warns of an emerging war on sovereignty, where transnationalists use the global crisis to create supra-national structures that will transfer sovereignty to them. Notable among these is the call for a new global currency.

Then our Middle East thread reopens to continue a strategic picture of the next showdown; who the players are and how it affects us, particularly in the area of energy. Professor Clare Lopez from the from the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies ( guests.

John concludes the show with a report on the push toward a global currency.


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