The War in Pipelineistan


For some reason the American press ignores the growing war over oil in the “-stans,” countries in Eurasia, the paths along which pipelines are laid or will be laid. This growing war is fierce under the surface, and will determine the direction of geopolitics and an energy crisis for the next decade. Pepe Escobar writes for the Asian Times ( and is author of the book, “Obama Does Globalistan.” He is the principle guest for today’s show from his home in São Paulo, Brazil.

Before that, Chris Farrell from Judicial Watch ( is on line about the banking meeting of October 13, 2008, where the country’s major banks were made an offer by Hank Paulsen and Tim Geithner they couldn’t refuse: give a majority interest in the bank to the government or else. Al Capone would have been proud.

John’s extended boralogue connects the controversy over President Obama’s commencement address at Notre Dame University to an unsustainable healthcare system with the inevitability of euthanasia if we stay on the trail we’re following right now.


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