The New Atheists


Philosophy summer continues on the program this weekend.

By listener request, today we’ll air the second part of a mini- series on the history of organizations that were founded to promote global governance. Today’s group is the Trilateral Commission; just the subject of conspiracy theory or something else? Who founded it? Who are its members, what were the founding goals and what influence does it hold over the flow of geopolitical events? Pat Wood from the August Review ( returns to the program.

Even as a new global paradigm moves towards pantheistic socialism, the new atheists are still pounding out their message that religion is superstitious and illogical, while secularism is based on logic. However, their message violates the very rules of reasoning they champion. Philosophy professor Dr. Edward Feser, Ph.D., at Pasadena City College in California comes on board to discuss his book, “The Last Superstition.”

Although the next ten years promise to be very bumpy from an economic, energy and political standpoint, John’s boralogue suggests a couple of tips for young people just starting out in life: live your life. It’s the only one God has given you.


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