Has Anybody Read the Bill?


Philosophy summer continues, but first we need to make sense of the health care debate in the United States.

President Obama spoke about health care during an hour-long, prime time press conference this week, although few seemed to understand exactly what he said. Stephen Hyde is author of “Cured! The Insider’s Handbook for Health Care Reform.” He has actually read the bill and warns Americans to “be very afraid” of what’s actually in the bill.

Then we jump back to philosophy as professor of evolutionary philosophy, Dr. Steven Meyer. Ph.D., from the Discovery Institute (www.discovery.org) returns to the program. While rejecting intelligent design, traditional evolutionists are hard-pressed to explain the origins of information contained in a cell’s DNA code.

In the light of a failed attempt in the senate this week to require universal acceptance of concealed weapons permits among states, John’s boralogue examines the progressive breakdown of logic behind gun control.


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