The Rush to Chinese Capitalism


We’re opening a new thread today, examining national security issues that are not on the public’s radar screen, but which may affect us in the near future.

The first issue revolves around internet security during times of crisis. Should the government have the power to shut down the internet? Bartlett Cleland from the Institute for Policy Innovation ( details broad new legislation to do just that.

As America waffles between staggering back to capitalism or plunging into socialism, China flees socialism at a breathtaking pace; it’s becoming the world’s next economic powerhouse. Why can’t Americans get the message? Producer Robert Compton returns to the program with his latest documentary about a reality show called “Win in China,” which awards investment capital to the best Chinese entrepreneurs.

Left-wing media this week has been decrying those disruptions at town hall meetings on healthcare. But wait! Disruptions have been a staple of progressive tactics for five decades. John’s boralogue recalls the history of violent left-wing protests, even this year and then reads Saul Alinsky’s instructions from “Rules for Radicals,” which puts a lot of current events into a perspective light.


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