The Old Bill is the New Bill


After many years, the trial of former Khmer Rouge torturer Kaing Guek Eav (Comrade Duch) has been underway in Cambodia. Duch was allegedly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Cambodians during the killing fields period of the 1970s. The world’s press has largely been ignoring this story, which is even more strange because, during his many years in hiding, Duch became a born-again Christian and was doing work in refugee camps. Paul Chesser from American Spectator ( joins the show.

Tucked away in the current healthcare bill is a provision to fund what used to be called the “Parents as Teachers” program, where government workers come into homes to teach parents how to parent according to government standards. We’ll re-air an interview with Cathy Duffey from 12 years ago about her book, “Government Nannies,” just to show how many programs and agendas that don’t make it on the first try, get repackaged into successive bills over and over again until they pass.

John’s extended boralogue examines why so many people are so upset about the subject of healthcare reform. He traces the history of it to the actions of congress over the last four years as more and more people become convinced that they are being deceived by a legislative body in serious debt, operating out of touch with reality.


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