The Third Jihad


We’ve had numerous requests from listeners to clear up misconceptions regarding dollar devaluation both from an inflationary standpoint and from a currency exchange standpoint. Key item that people want to know is what does this mean to them? Jim Puplava from the Financial Sense Newshour ( joins us for a short while to unravel this question.

We began a security thread a few weeks ago. Is the war on terror still a threat to the United States? 30-year CIA counter- intelligence officer Clare Lopez with the CI Centre ( joins us to examine the threat level of the “Third Jihad.”

The Middle East is heating up so we’re planning a series of interviews in the weeks to come as well as pursuing the security threats to the US.

John’s extended boralogue addresses the flap around President Obama’s talk to school children this week: much ado about nothing this time but there are reasons for deep concerns given the historic use of public schools to promote various indoctrination causes.


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