From Rio to Copenhagen to Global Governance


Seventeen years elapsed between the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development and the Copenhagen 15 conference on global warming, which took place this week. What threads link the two? The answer is an ongoing stream of crises, real or imagined, being used to promote global governance and transfer of sovereignty.

John begins this thread with an extended boralogue on the theology of pantheism permeating climate change science and other environmental issues, which ultimately leads to a cult of death. Clips from the movies “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” both the current remake and the 1951 original, are used to illustrate points being made.

Then we’ll log in a report from Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity (, just back from Copenhagen 15, followed by a report from Bill Jasper at the New American ( 17 years ago, who was attending the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1992. A comparison is made.

Finally, Dr. Michael Coffman, Ph.D., president of Sovereignty International ( returns to the program. Dr. Coffman is author of the book “Saviors of the Earth,” and has been monitoring the use of environmental crises to promote global governance for almost three decades.


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