Agenda 21 to Global Governance


Happy New Year everyone!

We’re taking the weekend off, which means reaching into the SOS grab bag archive to compare shows of the past with events we’ve experienced over the last year.

First a return to January 17, 1998 for a round table re-run of a discussion how environmentalism is being used to create new government structures, designed to end-run elected legislative bodies and gradually transfer power and authority. Guests are Henry Lamb from Eco-Logic (, Dr. Michael Coffman (, author of “Saviors of the Earth,” and Berit Kjos (, author of “Under the Spell of Mother Earth.

Then we’ll hear from a more recent program in March of 2003 rotating around how widely the consensus process penetrates government and education and how it is effecting changes in society and law. Participants are Dr. Robert Klenck, Steve Goss, Sarah Leslie, and Charlotte Iserbyte.


Want more resources on these topics? Here are some previous programs you might find interesting:
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