Predictions for the Year


Listeners are requesting some of John’s predictions for the year, so we kick off with an extended boralogue looking at some of the issues facing us over the next 24 months or so.

Speaking of predictions, for a long time we’ve predicted that as the country’s financial situation fell apart, the government would greedily eye the money contained in private retirement plans and cook up a way to seize it. The first rumblings of such a plan to “convert” 401(k) might be emerging as we watch. Jeff Plungis from Bloomberg ( joins the show to report on that latest proposals.

President Obama this week announced his plan to tax financial transactions to recoup bailout money for the taxpayers. What he hasn’t told the taxpayers is that they’re going to have to pay the tax for the tax they’re supposedly getting back. This segment features a line-by-line analysis of the President’s announcement and then compares it to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inaugural address of 1933.

Finally, another executive order has popped out from the White House creating a council of governors to help coordinate military action inside the United States. People are wondering what’s this all about. Bob Unruh from Worldnetdaily ( is the final guest today.


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