Tracking the Year in Transition


Busy show today.

John’s opening boralogue compares the religious philosophy of a new science fiction series, “Caprica,” with the emerging global paradigm of religion. A clip from the series is analyzed.

As financial elites move us toward a global currency, one candidate for the job is now in trouble: the Euro, and it’s all caused by member state Greece’s imminent bankruptcy. There are parallels with troubled states in the U.S. seeking national bailouts for their own fiscal irresponsibility. Harold Hoffman joins us from the U.K. ( to unravel this somewhat complicated financial system in the E.U.

The war to undermine evangelical support for Israel is underway as attacks are mounted from various Christian denominations. Notable among the antagonists is Anglican Vicar, the Rev. Stephen Sizer. But, oh my, with whom is Rev. Sizer associating? Dexter van Zile returns from CAMERA ( to explain the associations of those attacking evangelical support for Israel with virulent anti-Semitic sectors.

As scandal after scandal in the anthropogenic global warming fraud emerges, politicians are trying to prop up a dying cause, sorry to see all the tax money evaporate. Marc Morano from debuts with an explanation of the saga since the East Anglia email scandals broke late last year.

Finally, when is Israel going to attack Iran and what is happening in the Middle surrounding that issue? Bill Koenig ( is back for a summary of the latest geopolitics from that region.

Well, we said it was a busy show.


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