Iran: Is They or Ain’t They?


Iran: Is they or ain’t they? This is a crude way of saying, is Iran on the edge of nuclear weapons capability and is Israel going to do something about it? We’ll run a thread on this topic today.

First, former CIA operative Ishmael Jones (, author of “The Human Factor,” weighs in on what we actually know about the state of Iran’s nuclear program.

Then a pause to pursue the ongoing crash-of-global warming thread, where GW advocates aren’t giving up. Cap and trade is morphing into green jobs programs….same thing under a different wrapper. But how are green jobs doing? Not well at all. Ben Lieberman from the Heritage Foundation ( joins us.

Then back to the Iran thread where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, George Birnbaum, joins the program.

John’s extended boralogue examines the three actions people take when they perceive their government policies and taxation to be abusive, none of which is desirable, along with what can be done to avoid it.


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