Why Johnny College Student is so Dumb


As California slides over the edge into an economic abyss, it’s a miniature model of the entire country’s destination. How did this most prosperous state arrive at such a wretched condition? Professor John Ellis, professor emeritus at the University of California Santa Cruz, is President of the California Association of Scholars. (www.calscholars.org) He maintains the socialist, multicultural atmosphere on college campuses led to representatives in the state legislature, whose worldviews are totally divorced from reality.

Israel found itself in a hotspot last week, when it approved construction of more homes in Jerusalem. But while the media excoriated Israel as insulting Vice President Joe Biden, they ignored the annual celebration of terrorism in the Palestinian territories.

As the healthcare “slugfest” plowed forward this week, another “slugfest” in Texas over textbook standards had favorable outcomes. American college students are desperately ignorant of the country’s history and its political structures. Dr. Richard Brake, Ph.D., (www.americancivicliteracy.org) is part of a new study revealing why.

John’s boralogue formulates Stage Two of the Crisis Window 2009- 2012 with pointers towards the economic train wreck of 2014. No matter what happens with healthcare votes, it will be stillborn, because the emerging economic train wreck will scuttle it.


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