Where oh Where Did the Piggy Flu Go?

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! John’s extended boralogue divulges three “sneaky-snucky” things that went down over the last week or so with a commentary as to why these are real indicators of where the country is headed.

Dr. Stan MonteithDoes anyone remember the end-of-the-world pandemic that H1N1 was supposed to cause? Where did it go? Dr. Stan Monteith (www.radioliberty.com) returns to the program for an examination of the swine flu timeline with its sky-is-falling rhetoric by health officials.

Then John does a commentary on the Westboro Baptist Church’s anti-gay rhetoric and the Michigan militia arrests — how this does or doesn’t relate to the tea party movement and hate speech.

Dr. William Lane CraigHave trouble debating theological issues with your atheist friends? Dr. William Lane Craig (www.reasonablefaith.org) has a solution: His book: “On Guard” is a manual for effectively engaging in such discussions.

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