Whither Tolerance?


Where is tolerance for Christians headed in the U.S.? You have only to look at where it is in Great Britain to answer. Paul Coleman from the Christian Legal Centre (www.christianlegalcentre.co.uk) returns with news of the case against a Christian nurse, who has been refused the right to wear a cross when at the same time Muslim women are allowed to wear head covering.

As the energy storm approaches, are we really opening more oil fields to exploration? Patrick Creighton (www.instituteforenergyresearch.org) climbs on board from the Institute for Energy Research to frame exactly where we stand.

More sneaky-snucky items emerged this last week: taxes taxes everywhere. Oh my. Former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volker mentioned a VAT (tax) this week and says America needs it. Now where have we heard that before? Plus, under the table, the global crowd is grumbling for a global tax on financial transactions. Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media (www.aim.org) slides into the hot seat with a report.

The World Bank is one of five institutions created at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 and many doubt its worth as a clandestine global institution. David Shaman is author of the book, “The World Bank Unveiled,” and he makes a case for retaining the institution.

John devotes his boralogue to explaining what we mean by “doing the (dialectical) process”. How do you recognize it when you see it? The key is to spot compromise, dialogue and double definitions.


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