The Roots of Progressive Thought


Today progressive philosophy and liberalism seem inseparably joined, but it was not always so. Progressive thought and Marxism are kissing cousins, tracing their roots back to philosopher Georg Friedrich Hegel. It wasn’t until after World War I and especially World War II that progressive thought pushed through its gradual process of co-opting classic liberalism. Professor Ronald Pestritto from Hillsdale college ( is author of the book, “Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism.”

In the latter part of today’s program, John reads emails from listeners covering preparation for the next five (rough) economic years, as well as an explanation of what happens when currencies begin to die. Several actuality clips are featured.

John’s boralogue delves into the tense status in the Middle East with an eye toward subtle changes in U.S. policy that are reshaping the play book with possibly disastrous results.


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