The Lawfare Conquest of Free Speech


Free speech is under attack not just from formalized political correctness, but also through the process of “lawfare,” where legal action is used to prevent people from expressing their ideas in the public media. Attorney David Yerushalmi ( has been spearheading a case in Miami, Florida, where Muslim groups have attempted to keep anti-Islamic ads from being posted on bus billboards.

Three news events this week — a major oil spill, flooding and an attempted terrorist action — demonstrate the need for preparedness in the event rogue events cause problems with food and fuel. Having emergency checklists established is an important part of emergency preparedness. Dr. Paul Williams, MD, ( returns to the program as the second guest in a series designed to help listeners prepare for the coming turbulent years.

By way of educating listeners, John’s boralogue in the first and second hours focuses on the dialectical process and how it reveals itself in the political process and in the media.


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