So Which Rights are Right?


The Federal Communications Commission claims there are all sorts of “problems” that need to be solved on the internet so it wants to reclassify the internet as a telephone service and regulate it. Seemingly they also want control of internet website content as well. Tom Giovanetti from the Institute for Policy Innovation ( joins the show.

We hear the warm fuzzy term “social justice” hashed around the political arena. So what does that mean? Certainly not the freedom of individuals. Patrick Garry, author of “Conservatism Redefined,” returns to the show.

We’ll close out with a small piece by Jacek Popiel, author of “Viable Energy Now” (, who asserts that the alternative energies are pipe dreams, which aren’t materializing as important substitutes for oil any time in the near future.

John’s boralogue contrasts the difference between “negative rights” (the traditional Bill of Rights) versus the new vision of “positive rights” for the 21st Century. The only difficulty with the new rights is that you have to give up all the old rights to get them.


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