Getting Beyond the Worn Out Debate


As the U.S. plows deeper into an onrushing series of crises, both predominant parties are locked in a death struggle unrelated to what their constituents are experiencing in the real world outside Washington.

A new thread commences on the program: Can we get beyond “decision by indecision” and move past worn out talking points into plausible policy? James Horn is a retired State Department diplomat, and author of the book, “Di Di Di Daw Daw Daw Di Di.” Patrick Astre is a financial adviser and author of “This is Not Your Parents’ Retirement.” They participate in our round table discussion for today.

Then we’ll continue the healthcare thread with a mini-series on drugs and the safety of the drug approval process. Kay Carlson is first guest in the series, author of “Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer.”

Because of the extended round table on immigration, John skips the boralogue.


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