An Islamic View of the Global Struggle


The recent controversy over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan demonstrates how Americans cannot clearly define the enemy in the war on terror and the role Islam plays. Part of this stems from viewing Islamic political and religious beliefs via western politically-correct filters, which don’t accurately portray reality.

We’ll spend today’s show on Islamic history and its modern impact with two authors. The first is Islamic expert Bernard Lewis, author of numerous books, including “The Crisis in Islam” and “What Went Wrong.”

Then we’ll follow up with the life story of one person, who more than any other, established the current conflict between Muslims and Jews, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Chuck Morse, is author of “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism.”

John’s boralogue frames today’s show by examining definitions of the enemy in the war on terror. They’re very blurry definitions at best.


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