Logical Fallacies and Critical Thinking


What happens when government takes a right and regulates it out of existence, so no one can exercise the right? A law pending in New York City would make it almost impossible for pregnancy counseling centers to exist. Chris Slattery provides a description of events in the Big Apple.

A new thread is opened today, focusing on the United States painting itself into an energy corner with impending disaster on the horizon. The U.S. has shut its own rare earth mines down, allowing China to have exclusive control of these essential elements worldwide. When rare earth minerals are essential for high tech devices, including alternative energy, why would they do that? Eric Thede is a chemical engineering consultant for rare earth mining.

Well we’ve yapped forever about logical fallacies. Now let’s yap with a scientist, who has published a nifty manual home and private schools can use to teach critical thinking. Dr. Jason Lisle, Ph.D., (www.answersingenesis.org) is author of the book, “Discerning Truth, Exposing Errors in Evolutionary Arguments.”

As silly season draws to a end with the elections next Tuesday, John’s boralogue reviews predictions he’s been made about political trends for this decade to see how well we’re doing and whether they need some revision.


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