Christian Life in Muslim Lands


Pray for the secession referendum in the Sudan this weekend, which could separate the Christian south from the Muslim north. The elections could have major positive or negative implications for the Christian community there, depending on the outcome. Oil and Islam’s attacks on Christianity are once again the center of the dispute.

After the extended boralogue Steel starts guest interviews with an in-depth examination of Christian life in Muslim countries. Juliana Taimorazy ( is president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and very familiar with this issue.

In the last part of the program we’ll examine the influence of globalism on a host of issues from borders to the economy. Dr. Jerome Corsi from World Net Daily ( returns to the program.

John’s boralogue details what follows when politically correct narratives begin to diverge from reality to the point of rupture. He traces the history of the understanding of the nature of truth and why truth as reality rather is always important to proclaim rather than relative created truth.


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