Freedom of Religion for Healthcare Professionals

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Freedom of religion is one of the most precious freedoms we own, but for Christians in the healthcare profession, that freedom is endangered.

I’m John Loeffler at and here’s how it seems to me.

Our religious beliefs are not just something we’re into like paintball or various types of music. Religious beliefs form a foundation, an ethical way of life that guides all of our moral decisions in an effort to please God.

But now Christian doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are being told their religious beliefs don’t count; that they must participate in morally repugnant procedures like abortions if they are to continue their careers.

They are being told to leave their beliefs at the door when they come to work; that they shouldn’t push their values on others; that public consensus or the law trumps their personal religious convictions.

But wait a minute! Why do others such as Planned Parenthood have the right to push their values on Christians? I thought this was all about freedom of choice? Isn’t that just a bit hypocritical?

After WW2, Nazi war criminals maintained they should not be held accountable for their crimes because the law at the time in Germany said it was OK for them to kill Jews and commit atrocities. They were just doing, they said, what the law and the public consensus said they could do.

Well we didn’t agree with them at the trials in Nuremburg, and God doesn’t agree with it either, and he doesn’t care what the common consensus is.

This trend cannot be tolerated and it’s time for Christian legal organizations to push back. After all, what good is freedom of religion if you can’t practice that religion?

I’m John Loeffler at and that’s how it seems to me.

John Loeffler is 40-year broadcast news veteran and host of the nationally syndicated talk show Steel on Steel ( on the IRN/USA/Family Radio Networks,and co-host of The Financial Sense Newshour (

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