Standing in the Storms to Come


The global economic end game approaches, signaled by the onset of a global debt crisis. This event will completely change politics within the countries involved. We’ve had requests from listeners to elaborate what this means for us, so we’ll do that by providing perspectives from two continents; Europe and North America. Claus Vogt is the founder of Europe’s largest contrarian newsletter Sicheres Geld (Secure Money) and author of the new book, The Global Debt Crisis. Herr Vogt joins us for the first hour.

Secularism has hammered away on removing Christianity as the basis for western morals. First it sought equality, and now its post-modern proponents seek to control Christian belief by using “tolerance” as a coercive club. This will gain steam as legal legal battles form about who shapes the education of our children. Attorney Michael Farris from Home School Legal Defense ( joins us and reveals what education elites are saying about intolerant Christians, who wish to educate their children in absolute values.

John’s boralogue ties together perspective from the week’s news.

Four Storms and a Silver Lining – 51 min.

Four Storms and a Silver Lining – 51 min.Are there global storms coming? Speaking at the “Steeling the Mind of America” conference in Denver, Colorado, September 2011, John examines the four storms looming on the horizon: sovereign debt, peak oil, global famine and global war and explains how Christians can cope with these trying times. What, if anything is the silver lining in all this?

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