Reform That Isn’t Reform


President Obama’s State of the Union address this week touted education reform. Now where have we heard that before? The President’s speech was a compendium of education buzz words, which “educrats” have been slinging around for decades. But how do we expect students to learn to compete in the 21st Century when the very words “competition” and “individualism” are anathema to academics? John’s extended boralogue traces the failed history of education reform over the last thirty years.

Then Dr. Erwin Lutzer, chief pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, joins the program to discuss his book, “When a Nation Forgets God, Seven Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany”. This topic is relevant because the U.S. is a country plowing into a series of economic and political storms this decade.

Finally John provides an intelligence update on the significant events happening in the Middle East since the beginning of the year.


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