Wondering Why Gasoline is So Expensive Again?

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So you’re wondering why gasoline is so expensive again.  Well, it’s called the great energy shell game but it’s a shell game with serious consequences.

I’m John Loeffler at steelonsteel.com and here’s how it seems to me.

Over six intelligence reports were published over the last 36 months in the US, the UK, Germany, New Zealand and the Middle East, warning that global oil supplies are no longer able to keep up with growing global demand, and that this situation becomes critical around 2014.

For years environmental groups and government agencies have been systemically working to shut down domestic production of oil, natural gas, nuclear, and coal because they were bad for the environment.

But they forgot to provide any viable substitutes.  Not to fear President Obama says we’re going to drive electric cars run off renewable wind and solar .. in just 14 years or so.

Really?  42% of energy comes from coal.  But greens don’t like it because it pollutes and produces CO2.   34% derives from natural gas but that’s bad they say because it produces CO2 and causes global warming.  15% comes from nuclear energy, but, hey, just look at Japan.

Another 7% is produced from hydro-electric.  Surely that’s clean and renewable?  Well, no tear out the dams the greens say.

OK, fine.  So what are you going to use to charge those millions of electric cars?  Less than 2% of our energy currently comes from wind and solar.  And this is going to become our main source of energy in just 10-15 years?  They’re dreaming.

As the mother of all energy shortages approaches, the U.S.’s foolish energy policy is painting us into a corner.  We are shutting down energy sources we do have before bringing online new sources we hope to have.

Does that seem reasonable to you?  It didn’t seem to me either. Let’s hope our politicians wake up before that energy storm gets here or $7.00 a gallon gas will be considered cheap.

I’m John Loeffler at steelonsteel.com and here’s how it seems to me.


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