Decision by Indecision in Global Changes


A good part of today’s program to pursues the changing Middle Eastern chessboard.

Our country of focus this week is Lebanon, and we’ll engage in a conversation with Michael Totten, ( author of /The Road to Fatima Gate./ As a journalist, Michael has most of Lebanon, including “Hezbollahland,” and believes that country will play a major role in the next round of violence emerging from that region.

The /Goldstone Report/ of 2007 was used as a club to accuse Israel of war crimes incurred while defending itself from missile attacks originating in Gaza. Now the report’s author, Richard Goldstone, says if he knew then what he knows now the report would be different. Shoshana Bryan from JINSA ( guests to examine the long-term fallout from this report and what that means for the next round of violence as Hezbollah and Hamas mount weaponry on the north and south of Israel.

Then Dexter Van Zile from CAMERA ( picks up this thread with an inquiry as to why various mainline Christian denominations used the Goldstone report to criticize Israel but have said little since Robert Goldstone’s latest recantation was issued.

Finally we need to examine border security not in the Middle East but on our southern border. As violence increases, there is a singular lack of will on the part of politicians to do anything about it. Jim Gilchrist ( from the Minuteman Project joins us.


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