The Conservative Global Education Plan


We know the world is supposed to end today according to some sources but we’ll do a show anyway.

Look at all of the conservative Republican governors promoting their state education programs. Wait a minute! They’re derived from the same global education programs the progressives use. No education reform there, no matter what the RINO-govs say. Cathie Adams from Eagle Forum ( joins us. This is the first in a series of programs on global education.

You’ve heard discussion on the show about the need to instruct Christian youth in logic and critical thinking. But former marine Mike Riddle from Creation Training Initiative ( insists churches must advance much further by taking all of their education programs seriously.

John’s boralogue analyzes a number of recent events and examines the troubling tendency of law enforcement to view American citizens as the enemy, while proclaiming citizens have no rights.

Did you see the Obama/Netanyahu press conference on Friday? The President looked like he had been taken to the wood shed by the Israeli prime minister. We do a Middle East update at mid-show.


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