So What is All This Flap About the June 1967 Borders for Israel?

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So what is all this flap about the June 1967 borders for Israel?

I’m John Loeffler at and here’s how it seems to me.

We constantly hear that Israel is occupying Palestinian territory in contravention to international law. But UN resolution 242 only requires Israel to withdraw from some of that territory once final borders have been established, which has never happened.

In 1948, the UN partitioned Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state, Trans-Jordan, which was to be the home for the Palestinians. The Arab countries didn’t like it; they attacked Israel and threatened to annihilate the new Jewish state. When the war ended in 1949, an armistice was signed for temporary borders. The final borders were supposed to be determined by negotiation but the Arab countries refused to ever negotiate.

In 1967 Syria, Jordan and Egypt attacked Israel once again and they lost more territory. Once again, the temporary lines moved. But now we had this thing called “Palestinian Territory”; gee, where did that come from? I t used to be owned by Jordan, there’s never been a Palestinian state. The Oslo peace process was supposed to determine the final borders but that didn’t work. And now the push has begun in the United Nations to force ’67 borders on Israel by unilaterally declaring an independent Palestinian state.

If that succeeds, Israel will then be guilty of occupying sovereign territory of another country, as well as having its own security compromised. That can’t be allowed to happen.

I’m John Loeffler at, that’s how it seems to me.

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