Backward to Global Education


Remember to pray for all the people affected by the tornadoes in the Midwest.

With all the violent weather, some are blaming it on…you guessed it…global warming. But it’s more related to the 70-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Even as CO2 emissions are the environmental crisis du jour, the case for man made global warming declines.

The University of Virginia (UVA) has been refusing freedom of information requests for Dr. Michael Mann’s emails when he was guru of the now discredited hockey stick graph. Christopher Horner from the American Traditional Institute ( joins the program for an accounting of their lawsuit.

After a brief Middle East intelligence update, we’ll continue last week’s education thread by examining the history of global education with Mitch and Machelle Wright.

John’s boralogue examines why Christian teachers in the public school system are so often an impediment to education reform rather than a part of the solution. This should stir up a hornet’s nest.


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