Turning Illiteracy Green in Schools


John’s boralogue tightens the relationship between the triple onrushing crises of economics, oils and food, and adds the probability of war in the Middle East as a fourth leg. This is driven not only by the ideology of the Arab Winter (formerly spring) but also food and energy conflicts as well.

Then, we’ll move to the Middle East update for the week, focusing on the emerging conflict between Syria and Turkey and how this will affect the rest of the conflicts in the region. Ryan Mauro from Threats Watch (www.worldthreats.com) premiers on the program.

It’s time for our 6-month listener interest segment. Why is it so many men don’t pay attention to their health until the keel over from something serious, which could have been prevented? Dr. Sal Giorgianni, M.D., of the Men’s Health Network (www.menshealthnetwork.org) fills us in.

Finally, our kids can’t read or write and are woefully behind the world, but a new trend is catching on to make sure kids are environmentally literate before they graduate. This means making sure they think in politically correct terms when they think green. The State of Maryland is climbing on this bandwagon. Dr. Ileana Johnson (www.canadafreepress.com) returns to SOS.


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