Curbing the Postmodern Drift


The International Energy Agency (IEA) just issued a report warning that next year there will be a 1.5 million barrel/day shortfall in global oil production. A Barron’s report corroborates this finding. John’s boralogue targets a listener request to detail all the think tank reports on peak oil that have appeared in the last 24 months, reports which the media have largely ignored.

For some reason, youth pastors are increasingly accepting the flaky tenets of post-modernism in their ministries, not realizing they are cutting the legs out from under the foundation of their own Christianity. Russ Miller from Creation Ministries ( provides a narrative of the opposition he receives on college campuses, not from secularists, but from youth pastors.

In the last part of Hour One, we’ll do a Middle East intelligence update on the slide of the Arab spring into an Arab winter, along with the rising probability of warfare in that region.

We’ll end the show with a spirited conversation between John and Los Angeles talk show host, Paul McGuire (, author of “The Day the Dollar Died”.


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